AUDIO REVIEW: Sweet Nothings by T. Neilson

Author: T. Neilson
Book: Sweet Nothings
Series: Dreamspun Desires, Book 55
Length: 5 hrs and 49 minutes
Categories: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 13th July 2018
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Narrator: Simon Ferrar
Cover Artist: Bree Archer
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Buy Sweet Nothings by T. Neilson on AmazonWill a bitter bite from the past spoil a sweet romance?

Tristan Love, the youngest of seven brothers, is back in his hometown. He’s left the New York food scene and an abusive relationship behind him, but he holds his love of French pastries close to his heart and is determined to put his skills to use in a bakery of his own.

Returning to his childhood home means his meddlesome brother Simon will butt into his business, but before the bakery even opens its doors, Tristan’s delectable creations have the town’s mouths watering, and Jake, a cute mechanic, asks Tristan out. It all seems worthwhile….

That is, until the bakery burns down, Jake’s criminal past comes to light, and Tristan’s nasty ex rears his head where he is decidedly not wanted.

4✨s – Tristan, the youngest of seven brothers, returns to his home town to open his own bakery after fleeing from a bad relationship. Jake is trying to make his way through life after being released from prison. He has a job and a home, both provided by his sister, and he promised to stop trying to rescue people in distress. Though, can he stop himself once he meets Tristan and there is an instant connection between them? I loved the story of the bad boy trying to make good on his life though he’s constantly fighting against those who use his imprisonment against him. Jake is a guy that is constantly trying to do the right thing and that shines through when it comes to his sister and Tristan. Tristan is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to his six older brothers. He knows they all love him but with how protective they all are, it’s not helping him to live his own life. Owning his own bakery has been a lifelong dream of his but his ex turned into someone controlling that eventually led Tristan to fight for his own life. His unexpected meeting and attraction to Jake is one of the few things keeping him going while he battles against family, friends and an ex that won’t take no for an answer. Tristan is such a sweet guy, easily lovable. He seems like a pushover but when it comes down to it, he fights for what he wants. Namely the bakery, controlling his own life and Jake. We have a great cast of characters in the town including all of Tristan’s family. I’m hoping they all get stories of their own too! In true small town fashion, nothing stays secret for long and everyone knows everyone but I love that and the way it’s written. The story line over all did move quite quickly for me, though I am aware that it’s a shorter book. Some more scenes could have added more depth to relationships and goings on but I liked the book overall. I’d definitely recommend this book. It’s sweet, a little emotional and a bit dramatic. A dash of everything to make it an enjoyable read. I enjoyed the narration, with different tones used for different characters and Simon manages to draw you into the story as it unfolds, both between Tristan and Jake as well as Tristan’s fight against his ex and family. Emotion comes through well but on occasion things can feel a little monotone when talking through the storyline that’s not voicing the characters. Overall it’s a good story with good narration that I would recommend to others who enjoy sweet contemporary romances.

Buy Sweet Nothings by T. Neilson on Amazon

About T. Neilson:
T Neilson writes flirty, silly, contemporary m/m romance featuring recovering addicts, mental health problems, and abuse survivors. Honestly, honestly, the books are silly.

Okay, maybe they’re also a little angsty in parts. After all, T grew up in the middle of nowhere rural British Columbia, in a family where everything was totally fine and nobody was an alcoholic, so she’s used to living the angsty life. And, yeah, sometimes her books get a little heavy. But her books are also full of good things like mugs of coffee, and hamburgers on the grill, and nights at the beach, and cozy sweaters, and getting mush-mouth in front of a cutie, and his brain betraying him with a freudian slip, and that gorgeous guy he never thought he had a chance with suddenly, whoa, in his arms.

Because, I mean come on. Just because we have heavy stuff to deal with doesn’t mean we can’t get a happy ending too.

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