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Author: Jackson Marsh
Book: The Stoker Connection
Page/Word Count: 95K words
Categories: Gay Romance, Mystery & Suspense, YA
Release Date: June 23 2018
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Get The Stoker Connection by Jackson Marsh on Amazon & Kindle UnlimitedWhat if you could prove that the greatest Gothic horror novel of all time was a true story?

Dexter and Morgan meet on their eighteenth birthday. The attraction is instant but confusing. As they deal with coming out, they are bound together by more than first love.

Both keep diaries, and each has the same goal – to prove that Stoker didn’t write ‘Dracula’. They are convinced that Harker, Van Helsing and the others existed and wrote the novel’s journals themselves. If Dex and Morgan can prove it, they will blow the lid off the vampire myth: Dracula existed.

As the two teenagers fall in love, so they fall into an adventure as thrilling as it is dangerous. They are being watched, and someone is willing to kill to stop them from making ‘The Stoker Connection.’

The Stoker Connection is an MM Romance treasure hunt thriller. It draws on the original text of ‘Dracula’, but it is not a story about vampires. It is a story of first love and the power of friendship. Sometimes funny, it is an intriguing and honest account compiled from Dex and Morgan’s original diaries.

Excerpt: Dexter Mitchel’s Diary

About Jackson Marsh:
Jackson was born in 2017 as the penname for me (James) so that I could publish my new gay fiction independently from my other writing work. I was born on the south coast of England during a blizzard, but now like to warm thing up with MM romance novels, gay mysteries and some occasional erotica. In 2007 I was awarded and EGPA award for my erotic short stories, and in 2018 I won a Best Screenplay award for one of my films. I am a diverse writer with thrillers, comedies and horror stories under my James belt, and now romance and mystery under my Jackson belt.

At the moment I am concentrating on two genres: older/younger MM romance, and youth mysteries with early 20s main characters and a love story included.

I live on a Greek island with my husband. My interests outside of writing and reading are outdoor pursuits, traveling, piano and genealogy. That’s probably why my books tend to involve characters who are musicians, writers, mystery-solvers and rock climbers; there’s a bit of me in every one.

Interview with Jackson Marsh:
Your characters in ‘The Stoker Connection’ believe that the novel, ‘Dracula’ was based on real events. Do you believe the same thing?

In ‘The Stoker Connection’, my two main characters, Dexter and Mitchell, are one-hundred percent convinced that the events that unfold in Stoker’s novel, ‘Dracula’ actually happened.
I am not. I don’t believe in vampires (and neither to Dex and Morgan and the story is not about proving that vampires exist). However, Morgan and Dex do believe that they have hit on something historically significant and when they first meet, they realise that they no longer have to work alone.

They also feel an instant attraction to each other, and their way forward is complicated by their developing love, their individual coming out, their friends and family.

Throughout the book, Morgan and Dex firmly believe in love, as do I. But more than that, they have a firm belief in the importance of friendship – as did the characters in ‘Dracula’. I am with Dex and Morgan all the way as they journey through the painful reality of coming out, the joy of first love and the crushing beauty of platonic friendships.

Where I pause and take stock, however, is when we come to proving their hypothesis: “Bram Stoker collated existing diaries and journals, changed a few names and then presented a true story as fiction.”

I mean, why not? It is such a fantastical story that no-one would believe it was real, so he had to present it as fiction. That was the only way anyone would take it seriously.

It’s a nice idea that Dex that Morgan came up with, and I followed their trains of thought. When Dexter hit upon numerology as the key to unlocking the clues left behind by Stoker in his manuscript, I found it hard to stay cynical. Where does coincidence stop and something more spooky begin?

There is also the plotline in ‘The Stoker connection’ where someone is trying to prevent Dex and Morgan from achieving their aim and this I am more inclined to believe would be real. Imagine if there was someone out there (a secret society, an individual, or a family sworn to keep the secret) who would do anything in their power to prevent the truth from being known. We don’t have to imagine very hard, thanks to the likes of Dan Brown and ‘Angels & Demons’ etc. These kinds of organisations and individuals exist. In Dex and Morgan’s world, they have proof, they think, that they are on to something important because of what has happened to others who have tried to do the same thing; they were killed.

I believe that should something like this actually happen – someone sets out to prove that, basically, Stoker didn’t create ‘Dracula’ but merely collated existing documents – there would be a flood of cynics shouting against the theory. There would also be those who didn’t want that truth known. Imagine: someone proves that Dracula was a real person, came to England and was a vampire. What would that mean? Dracula fans would go wild, vampire believers would have a field day (or night), and there would be a lot of anxious religious communities. Okay, so that’s a bit ‘Da Vinci Code’, but there’s more truth in that story than many people realise. Why should there not also be truth behind ‘The Stoker Connection’?

So, in that respect, I believe what Dex and Morgan believe. It is possible that ‘Dracula’ is nothing more than a compilation of other people’s journals and diaries and Stoker saw the value in presenting it as a novel. I mean, why not? And better, what if it could be proved?
What is more interesting than asking me if I believe what Dex and Morgan believe, is to ask the reader, and I look forward to hearing reader feedback on ‘The Stoker Connection.’

I only hope I haven’t upset any vampires.

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