NEW RELEASE REVIEW: Hiding in Plain Sight by Bru Baker

Author: Bru Baker
Book: Hiding in Plain Sight
Series: Camp H.O.W.L.
Page/Word Count: 256 pages, 65K words
Categories: Gay Romance, Shifter Romance
Release Date: September 18, 2018
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Aaron Anderson
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Buy Hiding in Plain Sight by Bru Baker on Amazon UniversalHarris has been keeping a big secret for years—his unrequited mate bond with his best friend, Jackson. He’s convinced himself that having Jackson in his life is enough. That, and his work at Camp H.O.W.L., keeps him going.

Things get complicated when Jackson applies for a high-ranking Tribunal job in New York City—far from Camp H.O.W.L. The position requires he relinquish all Pack bonds… and that’s when his wolf decides to choose a mate. Suddenly Jackson sees his best friend in a sizzling new light.

Their chemistry is through the roof, but they’re setting themselves up for broken hearts—and broken bonds—if Jackson can’t figure out a way to balance his career and the love that’s just been waiting for him to take notice.

4✨s – This one was an interesting take on unrequited love. He knows he’s mated to his best friend and has for years but, for whatever reason, Jackson seems unaware of the mate bond. Not unaware of Harris, just the bond. They are great friends and if Jackson thinks Harris is attractive, he wouldn’t want to risk their friendship or his life plan for it.

Jackson is on the cusp making big changes that will further his career, but take him halfway across the country. It’s what he’s always wanted, right up until his wolf gets with the Harris program. The timing couldn’t be worse…or better. If Jackson takes the job, he can’t have Harris, but is he willing to let that ambition go?

Add in another class at the camp, this time with a very high profile wolfling and you’ve got a recipe for a really fun read. Highly recommend the whole series.

Buy Hiding in Plain Sight by Bru Baker on Amazon Universal

About Bru Baker:
Bru Baker has been writing for Dreamspinner Press since December 2012. She believes in Happily Ever Afters, but she almost always makes her characters work to get there. She and her husband live in the Midwest with their two young children, whose antics make finding time to write difficult but never let life get boring.

Where to find Bru Baker:

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