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Updated: October 12, 2017

As of today, the blog calendar is full through mid-December and as the review portion of the blog has become much bigger (and more time consuming) than I originally anticipated, I’ll be taking off the last two weeks of the year to decide if I want to keep doing it and figure out if there’s a better way to manage it so that it doesn’t impede in my own writing time (which it currently does). That means I won’t be accepting any more review/promo requests until further notice. If you’re open to other avenues of promotion, there are still sidebar spaces available for purchase via the ad request form below and my newsletter goes out at least once a month, sometimes twice, and I’m always happy to do a swap.


Jessie G Books isn’t the biggest blog out there, but I’m constantly increasing the content and growing our audience every day. We track our site stats via WordPress/Jetpack and you can see below that we’re averaging about 23K site visitors a year. What sets me apart (ever so slightly) from the bigger blogs is my niche audience. Because I am a gay romance author myself, the majority of those visitors are readers looking for books in the Gay Romance/MM Romance genre. YOUR readers.

If you’re interested in advertising on the blog, I’ve put together some options for every budget. It’s important to note that these ads ONLY run on the blog pages. They do NOT run across the site.


  • GOOD DEAL: Secure a 7-day spot for $14 (just $2 per day!) and your add will be right below the Better Deal ads in the sidebar (4 spots available)
  • BETTER DEAL: Secure a 14-day spot for $25 ($3 savings) and your add will be right below the Best Deal ads in the sidebar (4 spots available)
  • BEST DEAL: Secure a full month spot for $50 ($10 savings) and your ad will be right below the Top Spot ad in the sidebar (4 spots available)

Ads should be 266 wide x 400 high, at least 72 ppi (300 preferred), and can be jpg, png, or animated gif (i.e. rotating covers).

To advertise, you can fill our simple ad request form to get started.

Newsletter Swap

Utilizing Instafreebie / Mailchimp integration, I’m offering a free ebook in exchange for newsletter sign up. I can give you the cover, blurb and sign up link, and take the same in exchange from you to appear in my next monthly newsletter (up to two a month). If you’re interested, email me at

Web Design

Before realizing my dream of becoming an author, I worked as a web designer for a marketing firm on Long Island and we opened our own business to offer those same services to entrepreneurs looking to build their web presence on a budget. We have Managed WordPress solutions starting at just $300 (not including hosting) where the client can maintain their website content without paying us for every little change. We offer 1 on 1 Skype training and annual maintenance plans for those who want various levels of help on an ongoing basis.

Visit WGAAEN Websites for details on our packages and a portfolio of our work.