RELEASE DAY REVIEW: The Fireman’s Pole by Sue Brown

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Author: Sue Brown
Book: The Fireman’s Pole
House Line: Dreamspun Desires
Page/Word Count: 220 pages, 52K words
Categories: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 15, 2017
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Bree Archer

The flames of passion rise for the lord of the manor.

It’s springtime in Calminster village, but things are already heating up. Sexy firefighter Dale Maloney is new to the local station. When Dale backs the company fire engine into the village maypole, he attracts the ire—and attention—of Benedict Raleigh, the Baron Calminster.

Soon after meeting Dale, Ben breaks off his relationship with his girlfriend, and the sparks between Ben and Dale are quickly fanned into flames.

Unfortunately the passion between the two men isn’t the only blaze in the village. An arsonist’s crimes are escalating, and it’s up to Dale and his crew to stop them. Meanwhile, as they investigate, an unscrupulous business partner attempts to coerce Ben into marrying his daughter. The May Day parade is around the corner, but they have plenty of fires to put out before Ben can finally slide down the fireman’s pole.

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3.5✨s – Sue Brown has added yet another sweet romance to the Dreamspun Desires line of books. It’s filled with the charm of a small English town, where Dale the firefighter meets Ben, the local aristocrat and village benefactor, under less than ideal circumstances. An attraction builds but they go slowly due to recent breakups for both, and they’re kept busy with various events in the village. I really liked Ben, the unpretentious Baron with a soft spot for his estate staff and neighbors, who he befriended and helped. Dale was shown as caring, protective and empathetic, fitting the typical fireman mold quite well. A variety of characters from the village and estate fill out the story, adding warmth and good-natured humor. Fortunately, cheesy pole jokes were kept between Ben and Dale.

The story develops nicely, allowing easy visualization of the setting and a nice connection with all of the characters. It’s not the most passionate of relationships between Dale and Ben but I kind of liked the slow burn, low flame pace. All of the characters developed quite organically within the narrative. Most secondary players didn’t spend a great deal of time on page but they came across as real and vivid. I’m not sure this was a 200+ page story, as it was a pretty quick read. However, the ending came too abruptly and left the story feeling a bit incomplete. There was an HFN but I’d have preferred a solid HEA and perhaps a brief epilogue. Overall, it was engaging and a refreshing change of pace from serious and heavy themed books.

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About Sue Brown:
Sue writes about love, imperfect and real. Sue is a bi, dog-loving, British gay romance writer, completely addicted to chocolate and coffee, and with a secret desire that she could have been an aristocratic private eye in a former life. She lives on the outskirts of London with her two dogs and two kids. The household is ruled by the youngest member, Faith, whose personality and dominance has grown in proportion to her legs and ears.

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