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As a secret agent for the DEA, Snake’s gone deep into Devils Pride MC with the hope of bringing down the head of Miami’s lucrative drug trade and finds himself saddled with the club’s volatile and secretive SA instead. Unfortunately, after years as partners doing shit neither of them wanted to do for reasons neither of them felt comfortable sharing, Snake considers Trick his best friend. Now he’ll do anything to repair the damage his own necessary lies did to their friendship because, while Trick may have walked away from the MC, Snake needs someone he trusts to have his back.

Meanwhile, Snake’s contact at the DEA has him tied up in knots. The sexy voice and inappropriate comments have him walking around with a permanent set of blue balls. Life undercover is lonely and he lives for every phone call, but his own personal Deep Throat is skittish about committing to a date once Snake returns to headquarters. As far as Snake’s concerned, they only have one shot to build something together and he’s not willing to waste it.

Greg knows he’s not Snake’s type, or anyone’s for that matter. Former love interests called him plain, chubby, and boring. More comfortable in his tech cave than with people, he’s a grade-A nerd who isn’t exactly GQ material.

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Normally he would never be brave enough to flirt with anyone—much less the very hot and very dangerous ginger who’d been starring in his nightly fantasies—but Snake needed something to keep him from getting lost undercover. What started out as a helping hand quickly became an integral part of their relationship—if one could call a five-year phone conversation a relationship—and Greg is terrified that once Snake’s sees the wizard behind the curtain, he’ll lose the only man he’s ever loved.

Now the DEA has called Snake home to plan the next stage of the mission, leaving Greg no more places to hide. When fantasy and reality collide, will it be everything Snake hopes for or everything Greg fears? The trick will be staying alive long enough to figure out the answer.

Author’s Note: This book is NOT a standalone and should be read after Tricking Chase

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Christina Wade gives Talk Dirty to Me 5 Stars on AmazonBlog Stop & Goodreads
I’m going to start my review by being a bit unfair to the main characters of this book…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ty, Snake and Ric together….We already know Snake pretty well from book 1 in the series so we don’t learn too much this time around. He’s a major bada$$ and he’s a loner so being part of a team is different for him. It takes time for him to adapt to not running solo. He is pretty great with Greg and I loved the scene when they first met face to face….Greg suffers from some pretty bad body image issues and lacks self-confidence. He’s a major nerd and has always been a behind the scenes so he’s a bit awkward around people. It’s hard for him to understand why Gene loves him as he is and takes a while to fully believe it….In the end, these two are a completely unique but amazing couple that I’m anxious to see more from….Overall another great read in this series and I cannot wait for the next one!

Leigh gives Talk Dirty to Me 5 Stars on Amazon & Goodreads
I just finished reading Talk Dirty to Me. I LOVED IT… LOVED IT. I really think Greg and Gene are my favorite characters to date, and I didn’t think anyone would top Red and Bull. Thank you Jessie G for another awesome book. I so look forward to reading what you have for us next.

Jennie gives Talk Dirty to Me 5 Stars on Amazon
I really loved Snake & Greg’s story. I loved how they had years to build up their relationship over the phone & had already developed some intense feelings before ever meeting. I loved how Greg was made real, a normal guys with a few body issues. Their first meeting was priceless…. It was a well paced story with plenty of action. It was great to Ty, Chase & Ric again as well as a few new people. It was easy to follow & not confusing even with the new additions & alphabet agencies involved. The only thing I didn’t like was the dates at the start of the chapters. I found myself having to think back to the start of the last chapter to try to work out how much time had passed. I think the timeline could have been easily explained in a few words without confusing me with dates. Overall a fantastic book I would happily recommend to others.

Denise gives Talk Dirty to Me 5 Stars (Two Chicks Obsessed with Books)
The layers that she puts into her books are deeper than any author I’ve read in this genre. One simple comment made four books ago, may end up having a huge impact on how an incident is dealt with in the current book. Or she may set up what appears to be an innocent situation that will turn deadly or vital to the series, without anyone noticing.  It is her true strength as an author, to create a world that is truly as complex as real life, and she brings it all around in this book, as she so often does.

3 Chicks After Dark give Talk Dirty to Me 👠’s (Must Read!) (3 Chicks After Dark)
Snake and Greg are the perfect complement to each other as a couple. One is self-assured and confident in their skin, the other not so much. One is a computer whiz and hacker, the other not so much. It’s very much tough guy meets nerd and falls in love (…)They’re fun, zealous and adventurous in the bedroom. Snake is completely in love with Greg and he just radiates warmth and protection when around him.

Another must-read installment in the Devils Pride MC Series. If you haven’t read any of Jessie G’s books, now is the time to take the leap and indulge!

Mari gives Talk Dirty to Me 5 Stars (Bayou Book Junkie)
I loved both Greg and Snake! They were amazing characters and their chemistry nearly set my Kindle aflame. They were fun, sweet and hot together and I just loved having a closer look to their partnership than we got in the previous book (…) The book was action-packed, fast-paced and very well written. The storyline flowed fantastically and it was quite believable. The characters were complex and very likable and drew me completely into the story.