Tys That Bind (Sequel to Tricking Chase)

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Unprepared, ill-equipped, and with no example to look back on, Ty and Chase embarked on a journey to build a family for Ava and Luc that would far exceed anything they dreamed of for themselves. Two years later, they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest expectations, but there’s still a couple of things missing…and they’re ready to make them happen.

Bad boy biker Trick wouldn’t hesitate to fight for those he loves, but Ty knows it will take more than violence to win this war. Willfully submissive Chase has the utmost faith in his Master, but when he sees Ty struggling with demons from his past, it will be his quiet, unbending support that will see them through. Jumping through the loopholes of family court, they are only one event shy of making it all official and neither are willing to wait another second to check it off the list.

Clearing the path for adoption should reassure them, but it will take their cast of well-meaning friends and the occasional slap upside the head before they realize that the ties that bind them together are forged in a love that can never be taken away.

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Author’s Note: This book is a direct sequel to Tricking Chase and is not a standalone.


nrevvy gives it 5 stars on Amazon:
Ty and Chase are my very favorite couple in Jessie G’s connected series, Sizzling Miami and Devil’s Pride MC. If you read Tricking Chase, you already experienced the hotter-than-fire D/s relationship between them. They became more than that in Tricking Chase and this is the follow up and perfect completion of their story. It’s about love, trust and how it can give you a family that you create for yourself.

Sue Allen gives it 5 stars on Amazon:
This is a beautiful, fantastic story about the continuation of the dream for Ty, Chase, Ava and Luc. It was short, sweet and as always, HOT!! This was a magnificent update into the lives of many beloved characters in this crossover series. I’m proud of Jessie G for the reasons she stated at the end of the book for the delayed release. It’s a shame in this time of our lives, people in the United States of America are still fighting for same sex marriage equality and freedom.

Pink Curls gives it 5 stars on Amazon:
With a little bit of drama, lots of love, friendship and hot moments this novella it’s a great addition to the series. And maybe, just maybe a secret wedding… Who knows, everything it’s possible! So grab a copy and read it. Happy reading!

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