DUELING REVIEWS: Bad Habit by K.A. Mitchell

Author: K.A. Mitchell
Book: Bad Habit
Series: Bad In Baltimore, #6
Page/Word Count: 230 PAGES, 76K WORDS
Categories: Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 6, 2018
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
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Buy Bad Habit by K.A. Mitchell on AmazonLife is always looking for ways to screw you over. Scott McDermott survived the foster care system and knows better than to let anyone close, but Liam Walsh is his one vulnerability.

Twice Scott let down his guard, and twice Liam vanished from Scott’s life.

So when Scott comes face-to-face with Liam for the first time in six years, he punches Liam in the nose. Only after Scott’s friend—and Baltimore County police officer—Jamie reads him the riot act does Scott discover that in the intervening years Liam has been to war and lost his leg.

Liam hasn’t had the easiest life either. He took care of his drug-addicted mom when she was unable to take care of herself. He’s fallen in love with Scott twice, but when Liam saw Scott going down the same path as his mother, he left. The lesson that he can’t save everyone has been a painful one for Liam to learn. Maybe what he and Scott had can’t ever be fixed.

Scott and Liam have never fallen out of love—which becomes obvious when they start working together—but what will make this time any different from all the others? Will the third time really be a charm?

4.5✨s – This is a third chance book in a sense. Liam and Scott have met and fallen in love twice before. When they meet again old feelings rush to the surface and neither one of them knows what to do with it.

I’ll be honest, second chance romances aren’t my usual cup of tea. I’ll read them and I love most of them, but they’re not my go-to. I love seeing the characters try and fight, which is what Scott and Liam do. They fight, for each other, against each other, and for themselves and it’s a beautiful thing.

Liam and Scott have to relearn each other. They have to learn to trust, to love, to be with each other in a healthier way than they were before. I loved every second they spent getting reacquainted. Even when they were fighting they were passionate about it.

Scott sort of falls into a group of friends and become their new adopted family member. I want to go back and read the rest of the series and get to know these men more because they’re all fun and have big personalities. It’ll be interesting to see how they made their own Queer family as they like to call it.

The tentative trust, the unwavering love, the silent support that passes between Liam and Scott is well done. They may have been bad for each other in the past, they still might be bad for each other, but together they work on being good and right. It was a pleasure to read just how much they change and grow as people.

Their third chance love story is a testament of how far real, true love can drive you.

4.5✨s – I was thrilled to see a new Baltimore book coming out for a favorite series from K.A. Mitchell, just one among her amazing variety of works. It’s a fantastic second-chance romance that’s not so easy to rekindle. I’m fond of edgier characters and Scott rocks a tough guy exterior and attitude to go along with his explosive temper but hides a guy far more perceptive and soft-hearted than he appears. Liam is a pleaser, with a strong need to be liked that too often conflicts with his own needs. Liam’s life has altered drastically since ghosting Scott 6 years before, losing a leg while in the military and carrying a load of guilt that seeing Liam just adds to. He’s also got a boyfriend but let me reassure you, there’s no cheating of any kind. Scott is in a world of financial trouble, leaving him homeless and his less than tactful honesty leaves him jobless. Luckily he knows Jamie, who promptly introduces him to the entire gang from the previous 5 books. Eli is his usual snarky self and Tai and Beach are quite a revelation for Scott. Dual perspectives went such a long way to build Scott and Liam into the kind of couple I couldn’t help but root for.

I liked Scott far more than Liam actually, in spite of the fact he punches Liam as the story begins. It’s not slow burn exactly but it takes time until they even try to be together, so it felt more authentic. Liam’s lost leg wasn’t made into a huge issue, it’s all about Scott wanting him not to have to be dependent on anyone and figuring out logistics. It’s a lovely touch of hurt/comfort strengthening my interest in the outcome. The bar where Scott ends up working offered great secondary characters, like Chai and her brother Reeve among other peripheral figures. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed the way the rebuilding of trust and love unfolded around interaction with people who slowly become found family and close friends. Steamy scenes are plentiful, from tentative and tender to frantic and forceful. Then there’s the way that Jamie, Eli and Quinn work their way under Scott’s guard and past his pride that was perfectly paced and never overwhelmed any part of the story. This can be read as a stand-alone, except you won’t be familiar with the history of previous characters. I strongly recommend this one for low-angst and highly satisfying romantic feels. K.A. has promised more novels in the series and I can’t wait!

About K.A. Mitchell:
K.A. usually just checks in for her mail as she’s rarely in the real world. Her imaginary friends are so much fun to hang with. They’re more interesting than she is to talk to, too. Feel free to email her with questions about them. If she has anything to say, she usually says it on Twitter. K.A. loves the amazing escapes fiction provides. In the real world, she lives with her wife in upstate NY and is grateful for all the stories in her head.

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