DUELING REVIEWS: Trevor by Dakota Storm

Author: Dakota Storm
Book: Trevor
Page/Word Count: 168 Pages
Categories: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 24, 2018
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Cover Artist: Add if you know
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Buy Trevor by Dakota Storm on AmazonTrevor loves his life. He has a great family, amazing friends, his art, and the warm and inviting café where his creativity can come to life. His hard work has paid off, but something is missing. Despite his success, he feels tired and lonely.

Then a sexy stranger walks into the café, and into Trevor’s life.

Jordan’s dream has always been to be a songwriter and singer. Disillusioned, he walks away from his band to pursue his dream on his own. In Trevor, Jordan finds everything he ever wanted in a friend and partner.

Then Jordan is offered the deal of a lifetime. Will he choose love or success? Or can he find a way to pursue his dream without losing Trevor?

3.5✨s – Rockstar romances are always fun for one reason or another, this one is on the sweeter side. Trevor is a cute story about Trevor and Jordan. Neither man is looking for romance, but they run into each other and find themselves drawn into the other’s orbit.

This book is cute. Trevor and Jordan are good together, they fall in a sweet romance that while it is a little bit predictable it’s an enjoyable read as well. Jordan gave up his dreams because he realized it wasn’t what he wanted or expected. When he tries to get together the career he wants he falls in love and then he gets the opportunity he always dreamed of. And then it comes down to choices. Can he have both his dream and his relationship?

Even though the two of them have their problems, it’s not so angst-ridden or dramatic that it feels unbelievable. Even though they try to keep their relationship simple in the beginning it’s easy to see they both feel things deeply. Even though this book isn’t very angsty, you can still feel with the characters and believe that they’re in love.

Some parts of this book moved a bit slow for my tastes, while others moved too fast and needed a little more detail, but it was overall a sweet book that showed two men who were just trying to live their lives, not knowing that they needed to be loved.

4✨s – What an enjoyable read! Both characters are endearing, lovable and easy to connect with. The story flows really well, I didn’t feel rushed or stagnant at any point of the story. We follow Trevor, cafe owner and artist/photographer, and Jordan, musician helping at his brother’s club whilst thinking about his future. Jordan comes into Trevor’s life whilst at a crossroads in his life but it’s impossible to ignore the attraction that he feels to the man that it becomes necessary to connect with. Trevor has been so focused on running his cafe that he has been neglectful of his social life. Upon meeting and knowing where to find Jordan he more willingly agrees to go to the local club, hoping to spot the man. Occasional chats become a friendship that comes to mean a lot to both men but each are striving for more for their careers and it’s possible that they cannot have those and a relationship with each other. Each character is well written and it’s easy to understand how they mean so much to others. It’s great to read the family and friendships that both men have, giving them support, fun and strong words when needed. The world that they live in has been built up very well by Dakota. It’s easy to imagine and visualise a wonderful place to live. Trevor fits it very well as does Jordan, at least for the time being. Whilst we can’t see or hear what is created by each man, the reactions from characters and how well Dakota has described it all makes you feel right there, listening to Jordan strum his guitar and sing and see Trevor’s artwork on the walls showcasing the people and places around him. I am definitely going to look through Dakota’s library and see what else she has to offer, hoping that other couples are already written about and the singles will soon have their story told.

About Dakota Storm:
DakotaStorm-authorDakota Storm was born and bred in rural southwest Massachusetts. Her love of writing romance brings many stories to life in her head; all culminating in a happily ever after. Even though she lives up North she hates the winters but loves cuddling up with her husband by a toasty fire. She harnesses her other creativity through photography, in which she loves to hike and capture animals in the wild. She loves to blog and read all genres but her favorite is m/m romance with a happily ever after.

Where to find Dakota Storm:

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