Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever – Round 3 Week 5

The Question Is:

NHIE: Offered a sexual favor to get out of a traffic ticket or to change a grade

The Game:

Every Wednesday for 11 weeks, I’ll post a question and keep track of the points.
The person with the most + points at the end will win an Amazon GC for $11
The person with the most – points at the end will win an Amazon GC for $5

Jessie’s Rules:

Remember, the story is what makes this game fun!
1 point is given for every “I have”
1 point is taken for every “I have never”
1 bonus point for an accompanying story

As a non-answer is the equivalent of a I have Never + A Story,
it would be unfair to those who have played consistently to allow them to count.

Catch up on Previous Weeks

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3| Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 | Week 8 | Week 9 | Week 10

Current Rankings!

On the Tuesday before the next question, we’ll tally the answers and post the rankings.
Anyone with more than 1 missing week will be disqualified before the final tally.




14 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever – Round 3 Week 5

  • *sigh* I have not – though I’m not opposed to doing so!

  • Miranda P

    I have never

  • Nope. I never have.

  • Elizabeth

    I have never

  • Denise Dechene

    I have never

  • Nope, although I thought about it.

  • I have not on either of those

  • I know this is going to sound crazy coming from me but that is too scandalous for my blood. And now, the cops in town would just tell my stupid councilman husband.


    Yes I have, Driving home from the gay leather bar and was stopped by a Ohio State Policeman because of bad tail light. I got out of the car and was standing beside my truck with my licence and registration. I was wearing tight jeans, chaps, boots, leather harness under my open motorcycle jacket. I saw him staring at my harness and then the rest of me. He asked where I had come from and I said “The leather bar in Columbus and on my way home”. It was around 2:00 am. He stuttered and then told me about the tail light. They way he looked at my harness and the rest of me and the nice bump in his crotch, I decided to take a chance. Always better to be a wolf then a sheep. so I just asked “what time do you get off work” He said he was from Cleveland and just filling in for vacations, and would be off work around 3. I told him I would be right here when he did. He even forgot to give me a warning ticket. He came back around 3:15

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  • I have never! ?

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