NEW RELEASE: Firestorm by Marie Brown

Author: Marie Brown
Book: Firestorm
Series: Sequel to Eternal
Page/Word Count: 682 pages, 222K words
Categories: Fantasy/Paranormal/Sci-Fi, Gay Romance
Release Date: August 12, 2018
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Buy Firestorm by Marie Brown on Amazon UniversalThere are different kinds of fire in life. The fire of passion, the fire of loss, the fire of the entire world exploding. There is beautiful fire, and ugly fire, and the fire of shame burning through a soul gone astray. And there is the fire wielded by the hand of a mage.


Kai and Jericho have been in charge of the Eternal Empire for several years, now. Life couldn’t be better, as far as Jericho is concerned. He’s got a home, a stable routine, the constant companionship of the man he loves. But Kai wants more. He longs for the excitement of adventure, the uncertainty of life freed from the expectations of others, the challenge of making a difference.

In short, he’d rather be back in the Borderlands.

That’s where all the real fun is. Forget about the stable, civilized, boring Eternal Empire. There are hundreds of worlds out there, maybe even thousands, where life is little more than abject misery, just waiting for someone to come along and clean them up. But the Imperial Senate won’t allow any of his plans to go into operation. They certainly won’t allow him to do anything about the messes personally. Why bother? Borderlanders don’t matter, not when compared to the perfection that is the Eternal Empire.

Nobody saw the firestorm on the horizon.

What will happen when an explosion shatters the stable, predictable life Kai and Jericho have built for themselves? Will it lead to the end of everything they’ve shared? Will it bring utter madness in its wake?

From stability, insanity. Dark mages. Demons. Invincible aliens. Powerful change is coming fast. But will Kai and Jericho survive?

About Marie Brown:
“Marie Brown has lived in many locations across the United States, but spends most of her time exploring the realms of imagination. Currently located in Colorado, her brief moments of free time are spent in front of her computer, frequently covered in cats.”

Blah. Yeah, okay, that’s all true. But I’m tired of hiding behind a bland, third-person pseudo-bio, utterly lacking in personality. Hi! I’m Marie Brown, and I write a lot. I self-publish through Amazon because I got tired of getting “well-written, but not our thing” rejection letters. Because, you see, most of my fiction tends to include characters that are either bi or just plain homosexual, and despite increasing acceptance of human sexuality and its many variations across the world, heroes and heroines are still supposed to be straight. Well, mine aren’t. So if you’re brave, and you don’t mind that the main character of a story either isn’t interested in sex at all, or is quite likely to hop in bed with someone of the same gender, then give my writings a chance. Come explore my fantasy worlds, or my science fiction worlds, or even spend some time with an occasional random love story set on Earth. And by the way, just this once, I wrote this entire blurb without a cat on my keyboard.

Interview with Marie Brown:

  1. What was the inspiration behind Firestorm? The inspiration behind Firestorm came from a combination of things. First, I liked the characters, and didn’t really want to shove them aside and forget about them when Eternal ended. Second, I had a collection of images in my head, about the future of the Eternal Empire and the people in it. Naturally I had to find out the story behind those images. And third, someone I know asked a question about the relationship between the two main characters, Kai and Jericho. No, I won’t reveal the question, because it’s an enormous spoiler. Answering it basically solidified the random bits of ideas in my head into a whole ‘nother story. And two years later, here it is.
  2. There’s a big leap a writer takes from putting words down on paper for the love of it and actually publishing those words for public scrutiny. What was that journey like for you? For a long time, I wrote for myself. Nobody ever saw my writing, because it was mine, and private, and just for me. But then I stumbled across slash fanfiction online, and next thing you know, I was writing slashy fanfic for my mailing lists. The instant feedback was incredibly addictive. I started writing more original stuff too, and submitted it all over the place, which was when I found out the ego-stroking feedback of fellow slash fans wasn’t necessarily all true. I got a painfully honest critique of one of my stories. About a month later, after my ego was done hurting, I started taking writing classes and studying the craft. Once I’d actually learned how to write, I sold my first short story, and have been publishing ever since through small indy presses and now exclusively self-publishing.
  3. What one piece of advice would you give an aspiring writing? The advice I give aspiring writers is always the same: Two quotes from things I read about writing while I was taking classes. Unfortunately, I can’t remember one of the sources, but the quote is “Apply butt to chair. Apply fingers to keyboard. Write.” The other came from Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. “It’s okay to write shitty first drafts.” Those pieces of advice get me writing, and should be just as effective for other people.
  4. Do you have any strange writing habits or rituals? Strange writing habits or rituals… Hmm. Yeah. I wake up disgustingly early in the morning, on purpose, to make sure I have a chance to write. Also, I participate in NaNoWriMo and both sessions of Camp NaNoWriMo, and absolutely have to have appropriate junk food. I need pizza, and sodas (the real sugar kind, can’t handle the normal stuff), and Pringles. This is a terrible habit of mine, because most of the time I eat healthy. But it works. For whatever reason, junk food fuels my writing process.
  5. What can readers expect from you next? The next thing on the agenda is trying to clear out my WIP file. Some of the stories in there are lousy and don’t deserve to get finished, but a whole lot of them are pretty good. I was recently very, very sick, and came closer than is comfortable to leaving all that stuff permanently unfinished. So that provided a good, solid kick in the butt, and sent me scrounging through the WIP file for my next project. There are a whole lot in there. I should be busy for quite a while, especially since I still keep having new ideas.

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