NEW RELEASE REVIEW: A Gift of Family by Tami Veldura

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Author: Tami Veldura
Book: A Gift of Family
Series: 2017 Advent Calendar
Page/Word Count: 32 Pages, 11K words
Categories: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance, Holiday
Release Date: December 1, 2017
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Scott Burke has always desired a big family, but as a divorced single dad, all he has is his young daughter, Lexi. He pours himself into raising her, half-convinced he’ll never find what he’s looking for. When Brennan Price strolls into Scott’s life, he’d better have enough patience for both Lexi and Scott if he intends to stick around.

Brennan has a huge family and a successful career, but no one to call his own. Wooing Scott and his daughter is right up his alley, though, and he steps up to the challenge to prove he’s enough for both of them. His attraction to Scott is immediate, but he recognizes a family man when he sees one and hatches a plan to win Lexi over. Her handsome father is sure to follow…

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4✨s – Christmas, insta-love and a hot dad, what’s not to enjoy? While I did think this one went a little warp speed, it seemed to work okay with the Christmas theme with miracles happening and all that. Brennan was taking a walk with his dog in the park one day and saw Scott and his daughter Lexi playing. Interested, he went back the next day to try to make an approach. Not in a creepy way, it was cute and goodness knows I’ve done the same thing, only at a grocery story with a hot bag boy LOL Its cute and only slightly creepy but Brennan made up for it by at least acknowledging that fact. Bonus.

Scott is lonely but at least he has his daughter, with his parents gone and no relationship with Lexi’s mom, he was going to be alone on the holidays. After one cute date with Brennan, he gets invited to Christmas dinner with Brennan and his family though he’s not able to make it, of course Brennan brings Christmas to him. The only thing I wasn’t big on, was their hookup, I mean kinda hot, but kinda cringy at the same time. I’m all for dirty talk, the dirtier the better but I just didn’t see Scott as the take charge kind of guy and I had to skim passed some of his…..foreplay. I think I even said, Bahhhh at one point lol

Still though, it was a very cute, very short insta-lovey romance. I wouldn’t mind reading more about this little family if there were ever another book about them. I just hope Scott tones it down a little in the bedroom, or at least works on his dirty talk. 4 stars from me!

About Tami Veldura:
Tami Veldura is an enby/aro/ace author of queer fiction. Hir pronouns are sie/hir/Mx. Sie loves romance, fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal stories that push genre limits. Sie lives in California where sie writes full-time, which means procrastinating as often as possible with video games. Dragons fascinate hir, a consistent schedule eludes hir, and sie makes a terrible housewife—just ask Mr. Veldura.

As S.T. Lynn, sie writes uplifting, sweet, and tropey fantasy fiction, featuring women font and center. Including fairy tales, elves, magic, and happy endings for young adults and young-at-heart.

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