NEW RELEASE REVIEW: Broken Halos by Aimee Nicole Walker

Author: Aimee Nicole Walker
Book: Broken Halos
Series: Queen City Rogues, #1
Page/Word Count: 213 Pages
Categories: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 7, 2018
Publisher: Chasing Rainbows Press LLC
Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Cover Artist: Jay Aheer/Simply Defined Art
Model: Bijan
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Get Broken Halos by Aimee Nicole Walker on Amazon & Kindle UnlimitedOliver Knight’s past is shrouded by sorrow and tragedy, but instead of hiding from it, Ollie owns his truth and uses his experiences to uplift others. As an out and proud pastor, he provides a safe place for LGBTQ Christians to gather and worship, and as a recovering addict, he counsels those pursuing sobriety. Ollie’s life is fulfilling but also a little lonely. He may not have a hard time meeting men, but he does have a hard time getting them to stick around once they discover his vocation.

Archie White is a former drag queen who hung up his stilettos to start an HIV transition home in the memory of someone he held near and dear to his heart. All work and no play has made Archie a very dull man, but he thinks his luck is about to change when a friend introduces him to a dark-eyed stranger. That is until he learns the man is a pastor. Archie detests anything to do with religion, and for very good reasons.

Archie’s gut tells him to run, and Ollie’s heart tells him to pursue. What can a pastor and a sometimes-queen possibly have in common? A desire to find unconditional love with someone who truly sees them. What happens next is the poignant, sweet, and sexy journey for two resilient hearts. Ollie and Archie’s halos might be battered and a little tarnished, but they’re definitely not broken.

Broken Halos is a charming story with heart, heat, and humor. Warning: these characters and their quirky sidekicks may take up permanent residence in your heart, so proceed with caution. Each book in the Queen City Rogues series can be read as part of the series or as a standalone novel. This book contains sexually explicit material and colorful language intended for adults 18 and older.

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Broken Halos by Aimee Nicole Walker Broken Halos by Aimee Nicole Walker

5✨s – One thing you are always guaranteed for when it comes to a book from Aimee Nicole Walker is emotion, story line and depth of characters and damn does this outing pack a punch! Though one of our MC’s, Oliver, is a pastor and holds services every Sunday, aimed towards the LGBTQIA+ community, it never once feels likes his religion is pushed onto you as a reader. As someone with no religious beliefs, it was beautiful to read, how Oliver came into his faith (and what an emotional part that was!) and he’s so earnest in showing compassion, love and awareness of all others regardless of if they have faith or not. It’s actually what holds Archie back from his attraction and connection with Oliver. The two together cannot deny what they are feeling, and as a reader it was damn easy to feel how much they felt, but Archie’s negative past with religion makes him wary. One of the things I really love is how open Archie is with his life as a drag queen and how parts of that are also a part of his everyday life with how he dresses and acts. It’s a real pleasure to read along with how open and accepting Oliver is of everything. A definite shock for Archie but it allows for further exploration between the two men and it doesn’t take long for things to heat up. Both men have hurt, anger and negativity in their pasts but have used what they have in life to move forward and make a difference for others. It’s truly inspiring to read characters like that. Aimee is one of my favourite writers for many reasons but the chosen families that she creates are one of the best. Along with those beloved family members that love you regardless of sexual orientation, your chosen family becomes an inclusive, loving environment allowing our characters to prosper and pass on that love to others. We have so many supporting characters to love in this story that they are all worth books of their own, including the mothers of the MC’s! Hilarious, loving and supportive, with enough to go round for the young men who live at the house Archie runs for those with HIV with nowhere else to go. We hear from Andy and Milo from Blissville along with members of Ollie and Andy’s NA support group. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It makes for some hard reading at times with the stories that our characters have to tell but it is so very worth it. The Aimee’s writing is so easy to fall into and be immersed in what is bound to become yet another fantastic series!

About Aimee Nicole Walker:
I am a wife and mother to three kids, three dogs, and a cat. When I’m not dreaming up stories, I like to lose myself in a good book, cook or bake. I’m a girly tomboy who paints her fingernails while watching sports and yelling at the referees.

I will always choose the book over the movie. I believe in happily-ever-after. Love inspires everything that I do. Music keeps me sane.

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