NEW RELEASE REVIEW: Life of Bliss by Erin McLellan

Author: Erin McLellan
Book: Life of Bliss
Series: Love Life, Book #2
Page/Word Count: 207 pages
Categories: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance, Enemies to Lovers
Release Date: April 30, 2018
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Buy Life of Bliss by Erin McLellan on AmazonNobody plans to accidentally marry their frenemy-with-benefits.

Todd McGower and Victor Consuelos do not like each other. They can’t have a conversation without insults flying, and Victor seems to get off on pushing Todd’s buttons. The fact that their antagonism always leads to explosive sex . . . well, that’s their little secret.

Victor has a secret of his own. His full-blown crush on Todd is ruining his sex life. He hasn’t looked at anyone else in months, and he’s too hung up on Todd to find a date to his cousin’s wedding.

In a moment of weakness after a heart-stopping night together, Todd agrees to be Victor’s fake boyfriend for the wedding. Victor will have his plus-one—which will get his family off his back—and Todd will get a free mini-vacation. It’s a win-win.

But pretending to be fake boyfriends leads to real intimacy, which leads to too much wine, and suddenly, Todd and Victor wake up with wedding bands and a marriage license between them. That was not their plan, but a summer of wedded bliss might just change their minds.

5✨s – Gather round folks…. I think at this point, you all know I need to feel the story when I read and review books. Yes, I’m emotionally stunted. Yes, I’m a big fat cry baby when called for. Yes, I love my fantasy world created by these wonderful books so I can escape my own live for a few hours. Yes, I’m a hard nut to crack when it comes to books – I always have high expectations. That being said ….. ooowwwwweeee, girl this book has become one of my top 20 reads (I average 6 books a week)!!!!!

Naturally, I’m skeptical of a “new to me” author. To me, the blurb indicates that Todd & Victor’s journey is going to be a trainwreck – what could go wrong????? From the first page, I was like hold the hell on – this is going to be something! I can’t rave enough about how awesome this book was. Todd and Victor – sweet baby jesus. The connection, the surprises, the journey, the storytelling, THE FEELINGS!!!! Loved every second of this book, couldn’t put it down. So much so, I’m going back to read the first book in the series – Life on Pause (Niles and Rusty’s story). Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

About Erin McLellan:
Erin McLellan writes contemporary romance, often set in the Great Plains, with characters who are complex, goodhearted, and sometimes a little quirky. Originally from Oklahoma, Erin currently lives in Alaska with her husband.

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