NEW RELEASE REVIEW: Rocked Hard by Morticia Knight

Author: Morticia Knight
Book: Rocked Hard
Page/Word Count: 287 pages, 97K words
Categories: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance, Bisexual
Release Date: August 21, 2018
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Cover Artist: Add if you know
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Buy Rocked Hard by Morticia Knight on Amazon Universal Can the touch of a rock god last forever?

Legendary alt rock singer, Aubrey King, is making a comeback after many years out of the spotlight. Rumors of his sexuality have always dogged him, and while he’s never come out publicly, his reasons for leaving the industry had nothing to do with his fear of discovery. What matters to him is the music. That’s his truth, and so far, his only real love. He aches to find someone to share his life with, but his propensity to fall fast and hard—along with chasing men he knows can never be his—has left him all alone.

Rock journalist Bryan Gallagher was first turned on to rock music at the age of twelve when he became obsessed with Aubrey’s band, Falling in Stereo. His friends, and even girlfriends, would sometimes tease him that he was hot for Aubrey. But it was all about the music and nothing else—at least that’s what he’s always told himself. When he’s approached about helping Aubrey write his memoir, it’s not only a dream assignment, but an exciting opportunity to work closely with his idol.

When Bryan meets Aubrey, the electric heat between them is unnerving. He’s further confused by how intense Aubrey’s attraction toward him is and how deeply they connect over their shared obsession of music. While Bryan struggles with uncertainty regarding his own sexuality, he also has to navigate through the perils of working with a lover and keeping their relationship a secret.
But Bryan’s biggest struggle of all might be determining whether declarations of true love from a rock star can ever be trusted.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released in two parts as part of the What’s his Passion? collection at Pride Publishing. It is a newly revised and expanded edition.

Guest Post:
Hi all, and a huge thanks to Jessie for allowing me to hijack the blog today 😊 . Of course, I’m here because I have a new release, but this book means more to me than just something to promote. Okay, yeah, I get attached to all my characters and am excited to share their stories with every new book, but this one? Time for some true confessions. It’s no huge secret (it’s in my bio lol) that I was once a musician. However, the time I spent working in the music industry was a huge part of my life—and not always a very joyous one.

A lot of both Aubrey’s and Bryan’s thoughts and feelings are a reflection of me during that time period. Clearly, I never became a superstar (or any kind of star lol), but their experiences, turbulent emotions, eventual disillusionment with the music business, desire to express themselves through music—so much of that is taken from my life. It’s why this novel was gut-wrenching for me to write and so important that I share their story in the most organic way possible. To that end, every lyric that Aubrey writes for his songs are from songs I recorded for my one CD release. Here’s the full lyric to I Feel You There, one of the songs Aubrey writes for Bryan:

I Feel You There (Copyright 1997, Higher Level Music)

The flood of words won’t stop, the flow of fears won’t quit.
You’re at me heart and at my root.
It would take too many lifetimes to leave you behind, why would I even want to try?

I won’t close my eyes to sleep, I won’t open my mouth eat.
I’ll just listen to my heartbeat.
I feel you there. I feel you there.

The years of hurt won’t go, the terror of night comes back.
You’re on my mind and in my dreams.
We’ve had too many lifetimes to lose love’s light, why would we even want to try?

I won’t close my eyes to sleep, I won’t open my mouth to eat.
I’ll just listen to my heartbeat.
I feel you there. I feel you there.

I’m amazed at how close we came to perfection.
We didn’t even have to try.
I was in the emotion and I felt pure joy.
I didn’t even have to try.
Ooh, but you runaway, you’re being human again.
Why do you even have to try?
You runaway, no don’t runaway.
Why should you even have to try?

I won’t close my eyes to sleep, I won’t open my mouth to eat.
I’ll just listen to my heartbeat.
I feel you there. I feel you there…

There’s another very important song Aubrey writes for Bryan that he uses for a specific reason, but you’ll have to read their story to find out which one that is 😉 Here’s a short excerpt from Rocked Hard that’s taken from the beginning of their courtship when Bryan is still questioning his sexuality and the advisability of getting into an emotional entanglement with a moody rock star. This scene is as they’re leaving the Rainbow Bar & Grill, a popular hangout on the Sunset Strip, and Aubrey has just had an unpleasant run-in with a session musician from back in the day:

Aubrey gave him a toothy smile then shouldered his way ahead, somewhat ignoring a few others who called out to him, still smiling as he gave silent nods in response while breezing past the excited crowd. Bryan could barely keep up as he hurried after Aubrey. Once they’d reached the alley slash driveway that divided the Rainbow from the Roxy, Aubrey didn’t slow until he’d cuddled up to the valet station. He shoved his ticket into one of the valets’ hands then crossed his arms, training his gaze upward as he peered around, the move likely to keep him from accidentally catching anyone’s eye. Bryan arrived next to him a moment later, making a mental note to inquire about the interaction once Aubrey had cooled off.

Aubrey jerked his head toward him and leaned in, his voice a low growl. “I can’t stand that motherfucker. Like he’d be doing me some big favor by playing with me in the new band, like it was such a sacrifice. You cannot believe the shit he used to say about me and my music.” Aubrey gave him a smirk and waggled his eyebrows. “Take notes, Bry. This book could get real juicy.”

Bryan pressed his lips together to keep from laughing. He’d been so worried that Aubrey was about to have a meltdown. “Whatever you want, Aubrey. You got it.”

Aubrey’s eyes became hooded, his smirk turning more seductive. “Whatever I want?”

Okay, so I like flirting with him, so the fuck what? “In terms of the book.” Bryan smiled back, resisting the urge to wink.

Aubrey let out a dramatic sigh and made his pouty face. “I suppose.” Right as the valet pulled up, Aubrey gave him a sideways glance, the quirk of his kissable lips that Bryan had melted under the day before, the promise in his sparkling eyes— all of it conspiring to unravel him. “A boy can always hope.”

Aubrey turned to tip the attendant and a realization struck Bryan. The lust he’d been fighting all day was going to win at some point. Unless he broke the contract or refused to ever see Aubrey in person again, his body would give in to whatever demands Aubrey made. Hell, at that point, he might be the one to do the demanding. His cock had moved from a semi to full hardness and reasoning with it was no longer working.

Bryan frowned as he lowered himself in the passenger side, terrified at what he might do, what he might allow, once they reached his hotel.

No, dammit. Professional, remember?

Maybe he’d break the contract anyway. Then they could do whatever the hell they wanted.

And I sure as fuck want.


4✨s – When I saw that Moritica had a ‘new’ rock star book coming out, I didn’t hesitate to prod her into doing a promo spot on the blog. It was weeks after, that I learned it was Aubrey and Bryan. Their original story was released in two swoon-worthy parts that were a mix of heat and sweet, angst and off-the-charts chemistry. This expanded and revised edition is all that and MORE.

This book asks two questions: what happens when you get to work with your childhood hero? And in what alternate reality would that hero be attracted to you?

In this case, Aubrey has been a big influence on Bryan’s career long before they ever met. In his mind, Aubrey King is rock royalty, a legend to be revered. Getting to work with him is a dream come true on more levels than Bryan could ever anticipate. On the other side, Aubrey has been following Bryan’s work for a while and insists he’s the only one who can write his memoir. It’s a bit of a set up as he’s interested in the man for more personal reasons, but it gets them to the table.

Sparks fly from the word go, but Bryan’s never been attracted to a man before and a rock star probably isn’t the first place to start. Especially when that rock star has secrets like Aubrey. Navigating this relationship isn’t easy and the road to happily ever doesn’t always look promising, but that made getting there all the sweeter.

If you’ve read the original, you won’t be sorry with this update and if this is your first introduction, all I can say is hold on tight. Aubrey King is an experience you’ll never forget.

About Morticia Knight:
Author Morticia Knight spends most of her nights writing about men loving men forever after. If there happens to be some friendly bondage or floggings involved, she doesn’t begrudge her characters whatever their filthy little heart’s desire. Even though she’s been crafting her naughty tales for more years than she’d like to share – her adventures as a published author began in 2011. Since then, she’s been fortunate enough to have several books on bestseller lists along with three series’ titles receiving recognition in the Rainbow Book Awards. Once upon a time, she was the lead singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She currently resides on the northern Oregon coast and when she’s not fantasizing about hot men she takes walks along the ocean and annoys the local Karaoke bar patrons.

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