NEW RELEASE REVIEW: Soul Of Discretion by Susan Mac Nicol & M. Tasia

Author: Susan Mac Nicol & M. Tasia
Book: Soul Of Discretion
Page/Word Count: 220
Categories: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 1, 2018

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Simon Bridgeworth, Earl of Stoneham, loves to play, and to perfect the game he delights in most, he’s funded a hook-up app, crUIzer, where he meets Nick Cooper, who turns out to be so much more than a one-night stand.


Soul Of Discretion by Susan Mac Nicol & M. TasiaSimon Bridgeworth believes in loyalty, and keeping things in-house. When he discovers his best friend, who has been running the Canadian division of Simon’s tech empire, has been skimming millions from the company, Simon flies to Toronto to get to the bottom of the theft and learns his friend has been murdered. Devastated and at a loose end, Simon knows there’s no way the company’s problems can be kept under wraps now. Imagine his surprise when he learns the Mountie investigating the murder is the first repeat Simon has allowed himself in years.

Sergeant Nick Cooper is a proud member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He’s served his country in the military, and now he’s protecting the citizenry of Toronto. But devotion to duty is no longer enough. On a whim, Nick hooks up with Aristocrat69 on crUIzer, and what started as one night of incredible sex turns into an attraction neither man can ignore. When a grisly mob murder sends Nick to the Breakforce corporation, he is shocked to discover his lover is none other than its CEO. When Simon’s life is threatened, ethical lines blur as Nick does anything to keep him safe – no cost is too high for the man who has become Nick’s everything.


3.5✨s – I was intrigued with the premise of a British aristocrat and a Canadian Mountie meeting via a hookup and found this to be an entertaining romantic suspense story. I enjoyed the characters; Simon a British Lord, has the benefits of a wealthy man but is quite down to earth and considerate, treating employees more like friends. He was also the king of one-night stands, not ready to settle for one man. Nick was presented as a dedicated career cop, always putting his job ahead of relationships yet still wanting to find commitment one day. In the meantime, a little temporary affection is welcome. When Simon and Nick meet, they both find their strong response to each other surprising. Unexpectedly finding out Simon is the boss of the murder victim allows them to take advantage of the situation and spend more time together but both know it’s only temporary since they live on separate continents.

The suspense plot was a little simplistic, often skirting around the edge of probability and running over a few plot holes. It is easy to follow, offers a good level of suspense and takes the reader to a satisfactory conclusion. Luckily things don’t end there and the narrative turns to focus more on Simon, Nick and the status of their romance. Dual POV’s allow views of Simon’s actions and concerns and a look into Nick’s thoughts and experiences. There are amusing secondary characters, like Simon’s valet, Peter plus Nick’s friends and colleagues, Ben and Steph. I haven’t read M. Tasia before and I’m looking forward to trying a solo novel. Susan has been a long-time favorite author, but hasn’t written much mystery or suspense. If this author duo decides to write more in this sub-genre, I’ll be pleased to read them. Recommended as a light, fun romance with added interest from a dangerous mystery.

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