NEW RELEASE REVIEW: Strays by A.J. Thomas

Author: A.J. Thomas
Book: Strays
Page/Word Count: 210 Pages, 74K words
Categories: Gay Romance, Fantasy/Paranormal/Sci-Fi
Release Date: September 25, 2018
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Tiferet Design
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Buy Strays by A.J. Thomas on AmazonOrphaned at a young age and raised in the foster system, Jory Smith has no idea he’s half incubus. He only knows he has the power to heal people, making himself sick in the process. Exploited by a crooked faith healer who sells his abilities and his life to the highest bidder and then left for dead, Jory flees, falling into a job at a small-town café where he can put his lifelong obsession with baking to good use.

But the minister who exploited him wants him back.

Exiled hellhound-turned-bounty hunter Malpheus Pelle has no idea why his human client wants him to track down an incubus. Jory is traumatized and afraid to touch anyone, an emotional handicap that could prove fatal for a demon who requires physical contact. Needing answers, Mal concocts a disastrous plan: pretend to date Jory to uncover the truth. Unfortunately, his plan never included dealing with an ancient demon assassin, Jory’s orgasmic pumpkin cookies, or losing his heart to the incubus he’s supposed to be hunting…

4.5✨s – This was different than I was expecting and that is a good thing. I love paranormal books, I especially love different paranormal books. Vampires and werewolves are nice, but they get boring after awhile. But a half incubus who falls in love with the hellhound sent to track him down? Yes, please give it to me.

I felt so bad for Jory. He didn’t know what he was, all he knew was he could help people, but it hurt him in the process. He was a good person who just wanted to do the right thing, bake, and tried to avoid unnecessary contact with people.

Mal is a bounty hunter who is looking for a new life. He takes the job hunting Jory down because it’s his way out.

I love these two together. Mal and Jory explore a new world together. Neither of them have been in relationships before, Jory doesn’t know about the demon world, and mal doesn’t know what to do with an incubus who doesn’t know who he is.

There’s some great suspense scenes where my heart was in my throat. A few scenes seemed rushed and I was confused over what was happening, but overall I loved the action. I wouldn’t mind more of this world, there’s so much mystery surrounding Jory and his parents that I can’t help but want to discover it.

About A.J. Thomas:
A.J. Thomas is an award-winning author of m/m romantic suspense. A.J. Thomas writes romantic suspense. She’s earned a Bachelor’s degree in Literature from the University of Montana and worked in a half-dozen different jobs from law enforcement officer to librarian before settling down. Life as a military spouse has tossed her around the country so many times she doesn’t know how to answer when people ask her where she’s from, but she delights in living as a perpetual tourist, visiting new places and discovering amazing things. Her time is divided between taking care of her three young children, experimenting with cooking and baking projects that rarely explode these days, and embarrassing her husband with dirty jokes. When she’s not writing, she hikes, gardens, researches every random idea that comes into her head, and develops complicated philosophical arguments about why a clean house is highly overrated. Her work has won multiple awards, including the 2013 AMB Ovation Award for Best LGBT Inter-racial Romance, and the 2014 Rainbow Award for Best Gay Contemporary Fiction.

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