Upcoming Blog Tours

While I am committed to promoting new works in the genre daily, I never intended for it to take over my time and it’s time for me to throttle back so I can focus on my own writing. We will continue to work with publishers and tour companies, but will no longer be taking direct requests at this time.

Sidebar cover ads display between JG book notices and the blog stats. Ads must be 266 x 399 px wide, can be animated or static, and will appear 2 across in the following tiers: 1-month ads ($30), 14-day ads ($14), and 7-day ads ($7). They will only run on the blog post pages (including the front page), not on Jessie G’s book and information pages, or Queeromance Ink. Secure a spot now via our Ad Request form.

If you are looking for QRI ad options, you can email them at scott@queeromanceink.com.