Julian’s Redemption ft. SoL17

Julians Redemptions ft. SoL17

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Darius Alexander doesn’t understand the word failure. Through hard work, dedication, and a refusal to give up, he’s realized every dream he’s had. Now, he owns one of the hottest jazz clubs on Miami Beach, and he’s gone from living on a boat to docking it behind his waterfront condo. All in all, life is good. Not easy, but worth it. There’s just one thing missing.

For Julian Hinsdale, life is a con game and it’s taking him for all he’s worth. Failure is all he knows and while he hates being the loser, there’s no reason to think it could be different. Wanting anything is a risk and getting it will lead to heartbreak, but that doesn’t stop him from falling for Darius. So, he does the only safe thing—disappears with his unrequited feelings safely tucked away where they can’t be destroyed.

When their paths cross again, Darius is ready to dig in and Julian doesn’t stand a chance. But after a lifetime of losing, Julian will have to learn to trust himself before he can embrace the future Darius is offering.

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Author’s Note: While Julian briefly appeared in For a Reason, this 35K word story is a standalone and not part of the Sizzling Miami series. The additional scenes that make up SoL (Slice of Life) 2017 do reference characters from all my series.