Their Reason (Sequel to For a Reason)

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You are cordially invited to the wedding of Jon Connor and Ian Jones!

When I think about my guys and whom marriage would mean the most to, I always think about Red. Growing up in foster care and spending his first twenty-five years just trying to survive, the concept of family is a dream he never thought would become a reality. He found a family with Bull, the Connors and our favorite guys in the garage, but marriage would really make him a Connor. Not just the piece of paper, but the vows in front of all their loved ones, the promise of forever…it’s everything Red deserves.

In this sequel novella to For A Reason, we follow Bull and Red through the wonderful and crazy adventure of planning a wedding. From setting a date to saying those two magical words to their surprise Irish honeymoon, we get to see how love has transformed everyone’s favorite couple. And stick around for the outtakes, Red and Bull’s marriage has had quite the impact on all the guys!

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Sequels: For a Reason | Our Reason

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What Readers Are Saying

Sue Allen Milkovich gives Their Reason 5 Stars
This was the wedding of the year!!! Thank you so much for the invitation to attend. Everything about it was beautiful. We have watched the relationship between Bull and Red become stronger with each story. To see this wonderful storybook wedding play out was touching, heartwarming and fun. I was so happy and couldn’t wait to read it when I saw this story. It was great to see all the original characters in attendance so we have an idea of how they’re doing. I loved this story, it really touched my heart. Thanks Jessie G., for the gift of good feelings I took away from this story.

Jennie gives Their Reason 5 Stars 
Wow. What a great wedding…The vows were so perfect. I loved it. I really loved seeing Bull & Red come full circle. They are perfect for each other. I really enjoyed seeing the rest of the guys. I look forward to reading more about this family. Jessie G is an auto buy for me now & I would happily recommend this series to all lovers of m/m.

Foxylutely gives Their Reason 5 Stars
My favourite pairing of the series, Bull and Red, finally decide to get married and this gorgeous novella invites the reader into the delightful romantic episode from the preparations to the beautiful ceremony itself. This culminates a fitting ‘happy forever’ ending for the couple. The storyline takes us through a catch up with all the guys and how they share the happy day with Bull and Red in Disneyland, then onto the glorious honeymoon in Ireland. Bull and Red captured my heart from the beginning and this just had me sighing with happiness as I flicked through each page. What a fitting tribute and rewarding episode in their journey of love, after all they have been through together, it was a delight to see Mr and Mr Connor reach their happy day. This will delight all fans of the series and if you haven’t yet started this series then I definitely recommend you do. Five ‘love is love’ stars.

Jodi Aherns gives Their Reason 5 Stars
A delightful story of Bull and Red’s wedding. It was absolutely them! I loved the catch up with the other men, the ups and downs, that what next, the talk of kids and everything in between. I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment. the Sizzling Miami books are awesome