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Sunday Snippet: Taking the Top (Devils Pride #3)

Sunday Snippet 2017

Any scene setting I do will border on spoiler, but I think these two paragraphs stand just fine on their own.

There is no official release date yet, sorry!

Without acknowledging the wary gazes directed at him, he crossed the lot and pushed his way into Carlos’s personal space. Strong hands were right there to gather him close as Carlos’s mouth crashed down on his, taking him over as easily as Mateo had brought T-Bone to his knees. The hint of aggression reminded him that there was an ass still in need of kicking, but for the moment he was content to be the buffer his lover needed.

He may not be an official member of Devils Pride and there’d been no formal discussion of roles, but they both knew who was in charge of this relationship. That didn’t mean he couldn’t ask for what he wanted, verbally or through body language, and he was coming to trust that Carlos would never deny him. Case in point, with the majority of the club watching, they were putting on a peep show that had the potential to go from zero to naked fast.

Devils Pride MC Series

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Snippet: Taking the Top (Devils Pride #3)

  • allison Sleeper

    when will there be another sizzling miami book.? I love this series and I am still reading the books. Keep up the great work.

  • There will be at least 3 Devils Pride, 2 Sizzling Miami, 1 Forgotten Soldier, and a standalone this year. I don’t have exact dates yet for all of that but the Devils Pride Books will definitely happen in March and April and the Forgotten Soldier will be Memorial Day.

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