Xanthe’s Review: A Holiday Homecoming by Liv Rancourt

Author: Liv Rancourt
Book: A Holiday Homecoming
Series: DSP Advent
Page/Word Count: 62 pages, 18K words
Categories: Contemporary Romance, Gay, Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2019
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

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Xanthe's Review: A Holiday Homecoming by Liv RancourtTen years ago Jon’s passion for the piano took him across the country to New York, where a demanding concert career consumed his life and left him no time to look back. His father’s stroke is the only thing that brings him home to Seattle. The sickroom makes for a dreary holiday until Jon runs into Bo, whose inner light can make anything sparkle.

Bo loves the holidays: the food, the crafts, the glitter! A fling with an old school friend—who grew up to be his celebrity crush—makes a good thing better. The season turns sour, though, when Jon is offered a gig he can’t refuse. He wants Bo to share the moment, but Bo doesn’t fly. Anywhere. Ever. Is this goodbye, or will a handmade ornament bring Jon home to Bo?

3.5✨s by Xanthe
A slow burn festive romance for two old school friends who reconnect after Jon comes back to Seattle after his father has a stroke and happens to run into Bo. Both men it seems had a slight crush on the other as kids before Jon left for online schooling to concentrate on his dreams of classical piano playing.

I felt an instant connection between the two men and it was clear that both wanted more though Jon wanted to take things slow. Jon is quieter, more reserved but he adores how much Bo sparkles and makes everyone feel so at ease around him, including Jon’s parents. Time for them may be cut sort with a job offer important for Jon’s career and Bo’s inability to fly.
MY heart went out to Bo as he truly tries to do all he can but there are some things that our own minds won’t let us. When the two were together, heat brewed beneath the surface and it’s even clear to those around them.

This was an enjoyable festive romance with two very different main characters who bring out the best in each other and get a satisfying HEA.

About the Liv Rancourt
Liv Rancourt writes romance of all kinds. Because love is love, even with fangs.

Liv is a huge fan of paranormal and urban fantasy and has an equally strong love for history, so her stories often feature vampires or magic or they’re set in the past… or all of the above. When Liv isn’t writing, she takes care of tiny premature babies or teenagers, depending on whether she’s at work or at home. Her husband is a soul of patience, her kids are her pride and joy, and her dogs—Trash Panda and The Boy Genius—are endlessly entertaining.

Where to find Liv Rancourt
Website: http://www.livrancourt.com/liv-rancourt–author.html

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