Xanthe’s Review: The Music Box by Kassandra Lea

Author: Kassandra Lea
Book: The Music Box
Series: DSP Advent
Page/Word Count: 20 pages, 5K words
Categories: Contemporary Romance, Gay, Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2019
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

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Xanthe's Review: The Music Box by Kassandra LeaIt’s the eve of Alvin’s favorite holiday—the little-known St. Nick’s Day. His devoted boyfriend, woodworker Milo, has been planning for months to make it a day neither of them will forget, and their peaceful annual nighttime walk will pale in comparison to what Milo has secreted away in the basement.

5✨s by Xanthe
This is a perfect Christmas romantic read. It’s a story full of the right thoughts, words and actions towards the person you love. Both men in this story, Milo and Alvin, really shine a light on how they have grown together over the years and work together as a couple to make each other happy. Alvin’s favourite holiday of the year is St Nick’s Day on December 6th and it’s a tradition for a gift to be left on the doorstep. Milo shows his feelings in the best possible way, really drawing emotion from himself, Alvin and the reader.

The author has written everything so well. I really got into the festive spirit alongside the characters and the scenes are beautifully written. It’s fabulous, especially with how short the story is. The Music Box has jumped to my favourite of the series so far.

About the Kassandra Lea
Born to a military family, Kassandra Lea has been reading since she could hold a book. Growing up she wanted to be Batman, then she discovered writing and realized she could be whatever she wanted if she lived vicariously through her characters. When not writing, she can be found hanging out with her dog, pursuing her love of horses, and cheering on the Packers. She lives in southern Wisconsin in an old house with her mother, a gang of furry monsters, and a ghost lovingly dubbed Bob.

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