Brewing Up Trouble

Book Cover: Brewing Up Trouble
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  • Brewing Up Trouble

Dear Author,

He comes every day to my coffee shop with his partner. They are cops. I know that because his partner told me. But that’s the problem you know? While his brother in arms is open and friendly (and straight), I never heard the song of his voice… But the look I receive every time I look in his direction… Geez… It sets me on fire!

Maybe today is the day he will speak to me…

Author, I LOVE dirty talk… Would you please me with this? Otherwise, carte blanche, but please at least a HFN…

Sincerely, Jenn

NYPD Detective Quin O’Leary is a man’s man—tall, dark, broody, and married to the badge. He’s pretty content and if he gets lonely, he knows where to find company. For such a top-notch detective, getting blindsided by the blond-haired, green-eyed beauty of a baker with his deep Texas drawl, puts him on the defensive. Especially when it’s clear that Heath Gibson doesn’t intend to stick around after his Uncle Joe gets back on his feet.

There’s more to Heath than meets the eye, but Quin would have to give up his vow of silence to find out. Heath knows what he wants and that silence is a challenge he can’t ignore. When the words finally come they are everything Heath dreamed they would be, but will Quin live up to the fantasy or disappoint them both?

Brewing Up Trouble was part of the MM Romance Group DRitC 2015 Love is an Open Road Event

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Publisher: Jessie G Books Inc
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