Jessie G

COMING SOON: Creating Perfection by Jessie G

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Liam and Billy’s dreams come true on July 26, 2019

Creating Perfection by Jessie GBilly and Liam are ready to put the past behind them so they can start enjoying their future. They had a solid plan too. Work through Liam’s fears with a recommended therapist, get married, and then find a surrogate to have their baby. When their new friend Micah offers an alternative—one that’s almost too good to be true—it’s hard to wait, but they know how important it is to do the steps in order. Especially, that first one.

Cam and Corey had a plan too. While they were in college, a medical scare convinced them to freeze their eggs for the future and in the years since, they built a solid foundation for the family they wished to have. Now they need someone to help them complete the picture, but they want more than just a sperm donor—they want their children to have a father. Or two.

Down the road, these eager parents-to-be would be perfect for one another. But plans change. For Cam and Corey, waiting is no longer an option and while they’re willing to move forward with a donor if they have too, they still have one last chance to get what they want. For Billy and Liam, saying yes is a huge risk, but after hearing the women’s story, no just isn’t an option.

Suddenly, the future is now, and with their dreams growing into reality, this chosen family will become one worth being born into.