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Fans of the series know revenge is a doubled-edged sword, forgiveness doesn’t come easily, and forgetting is damn near impossible. But love…well, that may just conquer all.

Unedited excerpt from His Premier 
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leftquotesArnaud came to the center of the room, the pitter patter as he heel toed gaining speed until his arms and legs were swinging like a windmill. He let the movement grow until he was taking flight, hurling himself in wide sweeping turns, the sound of his taps more of a whoosh then a scuff. Sunlight had turned all the dust he’d disturbed into glitter and he whirled through it, faster and faster, with the imaginary song playing in his head and the vision of their future behind his eyes.

Instinct said he was nearing center stage and he started narrowing his stance, bringing his legs and arms in tight so that his windmills became power turns. The scuffs got louder, urging him toward the grand finale and at the last second, he bent his knees, spring-boarded off the floor, and hurled his body up and to the right in a full three-sixty. There was a single second when he was completely upside down that he forced his eyes open, not wanting to miss the gravity-defying moment of seeing the world from a new perspective. It was over as quickly as it began, but it never failed to leave an impression.

He planted his landing, taps sounding like thunder, and the swell of happiness couldn’t be contained. Arms wide, head back, Arnaud laughed until he hurt and when the high receded, he opened his eyes to see that he wasn’t alone.

rightquotesColin stood a few steps in from the back door and while Arnaud knew he wouldn’t be alone, his eyes refused to see anyone else. Why would they when Colin’s expression was completely unguarded for the first time since they’d reunited? The raw emotions—lust, love, pain, hunger, need—mirrored every one of his own. Without considering the intelligence of his actions, Arnaud flew across the room, the impact knocking Colin back a step even as he lifted his arms to hold on.

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  • Looks awesome! i love the intensity of the dance and how the focus is all encompassing ! Looking forward to this book!

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