Sunday Snippet: His Premier by Jessie G

Sunday Snippet with Jessie G

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“Whether it’s something you want to acknowledge or not, the past has a hold on all of us. Our demons may be different, but their effect is the same. Your past is sucking all the enjoyment out of your life—it makes you feel guilty for every smile and every second of fleeting happiness, and it demands sacrifices. Only, no matter how much you give up, it’s never appeased.” Chris straightened and crossed the small office to take the seat Owen had vacated. “So what will you sacrifice next? Are you walking away from the business or are you walking away from everything? From us?”

A small gasp made him look at Owen and he saw that his friend hadn’t fully comprehended what he was trying to say. Colin didn’t need the extra guilt, but he couldn’t help feeling like he was letting them all down. If he’d mastered anything in thirty years, disappointing the people who cared about him was it.

So even though neither of them would like the answer, he admitted, “It’s best for everyone if I just walk away for good.”

“Because you think you’re going to hurt somebody?” Chris easily cut through to the core of his issue and all he could do was nod. “So you’re hurting Owen to avoid hurting Owen?”

Talk about skewed logic. “No. I mean, I’m not trying to hurt anyone. That’s the whole point of this.”

“Are you telling me that you don’t think Owen’s hurt right now? You’re his friend, his business partner, someone he trusts—and we both know he doesn’t trust easily. You’re the first person he let get close, do you know that? Billy was his security blanket, but he kept everyone else at arm’s length until you.” Since Chris was super protective of Owen, Colin expected anger and didn’t know what to do with the compassion staring back at him. “Like it or not, you’re family. His, mine, a part of Saul’s house, an honorary Connor—walking away isn’t going to be as easy as packing a bag and waving goodbye.”

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