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Sunday Snippet: Taking the Top (Devils Pride MC #3)

Sunday Snippet 2017

Unedited snippet from Taking the Top, Devils Pride MC #3
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“Mattie?” Carlos prompted when he didn’t answer. “Breakfast?”

He should leave before he did something stupid. Like cry that he wouldn’t be allowed to stay. That prospect was enough to spurn him into action and much like the twins, he was out of his chair and on his way to the door like a shot.

Before he could make his escape, Carlos grabbed his wrist and pulled him to a halt. “Stop running.”

“I’m not. I’m not.” Mateo refused to look back. “You have to go to work.”

“Yes, in an hour.” Carlos stepped closer until he could feel the heat of that thick body against his back. “Before that, I want to have breakfast with you.”

“Why?” He honestly couldn’t think of one plausible reason.

Carlos kept moving, forcing him around and pinning him up against the door. He didn’t stop until they were pressed together, chest to thigh, and those dark eyes were boring into his soul. “Do I need a specific reason for wanting to spend time with you? Most couples spend time talking, getting to know one another, and doing things together…outside of the bedroom.”

“I…” In theory, he understood that, but he didn’t actually have any first-hand knowledge of what couples did. But he wanted to know more than he wanted to breathe and he wanted Carlos to show him.  “You do know that I don’t know what I’m doing, right?”

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  • Kameron

    Been waiting for Carlos and Mateo’s story since book 2 of the series. This little teaser has me salivating.

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