Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever – Round 1 Week 2

Never Have I Ever with Jessie G

The Question:

Never have I ever walked in on my parents

Jessie’s Rules:

Remember, the story is what makes this game fun!
1 point is given for every “I have”
1 point is taken for every “I have never”
1 bonus point for an accompanying story

The Game:

Every Wednesday for 11 weeks, I’ll post a question and keep track of the points.
The person with the most points at the end will win a $11 Amazon GC
The person with the most – points at the end will win a B&N GC for $5.50

40 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever – Round 1 Week 2

  • Michelle Mason

    I have never. (Thank god!!)

  • Kara Guido

    Nope. Never have. I seriously don’t think they ever – well. maybe twice.

  • I have walked in on my parents and after all of these years (and lots of watched porn) I still cannot figure out how they got into that position. (shudders)

  • Lea M. Blottiaux

    No,I never did but.our 4 year old son walked in on my husband and I. He opened the door and stuck his head in and said yuck. Needless to say locks were purchased immediately.

  • Well, I haven’t walked in on them. But they used to be doing it in the other room, playing Beethoven’s Symphony Number 7 really loud, so that’s how you knew. And then just to freak us kids out, Dad would bang on the wall.

  • I have never seen…but that doesn’t mean I haven’t ever heard, ugh!

  • I totally have! I was maybe 17 or 18 years old and I received a great news and I was jumping around and went running into my mother’s room and Bam there they were… My only reaction was, weren’t you supposed to be divorced ?! Talk about awkward? !

  • I have never walked in on them. I have heatd them more than once. *shudder*

  • Denise Dechene

    Apparently I did when I was a young girl. My parents say I was around 5 and walked in on them. I had my little sister with me who was 4. She made a yuck or some other sound and I looked at them and said ” It’s beauuuuutiful”. Turned around,grabbed sisters hand, and left. I don’t know how many people my parents have told that story to over the years.

  • Nope, never. But my son walked in on me!

  • I have. Oh I so totally have! I was seven and I came back early from school. They were getting it on in the living room and I recall thinking, “Wow! Is that how much you want to do it that you’re doing it here?” They didn’t even hear me come in. Hahaha. I just closed the door and went back out.

  • When I was 17, which is THE WORST time in a girl’s life to experience the trauma of walking in her parents, I did. I then saw the evidence of said trauma the next day…hickeys on my mom’s neck. Ewwwww.

  • Deanna Weatherstein

    Oh my God No!!!!! Sweet Jesus I don’t think I could handle it. ??

  • i have never…sadly my parents divorced when i was very young and my mother never remarried. and if she had sex with the couple of men she dated, i never saw it, thankfully.

  • Oh Lordy, more than once. I had terrible separation anxiety from my Mom as a child, night times were the worst. I would feel safe if I could sleep on her side of the bed, on the floor. Sometimes when I snuck in they were already doing the deed, sometimes it didn’t start until after…but I would cover my ears, close my eyes tightly and wait for all movement to stop….then I would fall asleep. They never knew how I kept sneaking in without being noticed. Thanks for bringing these memories to the front of my brain Jessie….can we just talk about masturbation or something???? Lol

  • I have never and I am eternally grateful for that.

    • But I did hear a friend’s parents when I stayed at their house. Could have lived without that memory.

  • Unfortunately, I have when I was about 12. Fortunately, I turned right around and walked away and they never knew I was there.

  • Hmmmm, I think I have, although I would have been too young to probably realize exactly what was happening. I will say as I got older, it became very apparent. Everytime The Sound of Music or The Wizard of Oz was on TV, they would disappear into their room with the door closed….LMAO. It’s difficult for me to watch either of those movies anymore

  • I never did. However, I did go snooping in my stepdad’s nightstand one time and find a black lycra crotchless catsuit, a muumuu and a wig. And none of them were my mother’s size.

  • OH DEAR GOD, I HAVE!!!! I was in high school. I made plans to spend the night at a friends house, so they THOUGHT I was gone, but I forgot something, so I drove back home to get whatever it was. I called to them that I was home when I stepped in the door.. It wasn’t that late.. maybe 8-9? My bedroom was beyond theirs so I called out to them again as I walked by, not wanting to freak them out if they heard something. I went to get whatever the hell it was I needed so desperately and on my way back I thought I heard my mom say, “Honey?” So I said, “Yeah?” as I walked in…. OMG MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They hadn’t heard me, didn’t know I was there, didn’t stop… I quietly shut the door and left the house and screamed bloody murder when I got back into the car with my friends… and then drove like a bat out of hell to get away.. far far far away… of course then I had to tell my friends.. and they were all horrified… I figured I had to tell them so I wasn’t alone in my misery! Then they all proceeded to tell me how they’d caught their parents… it’s not right.. It’s. Just. Not. Right! It scarred me for life!

  • I’ve never walked in on them.

    One time my Mom was showing me an Anniversary card she handmade for my stepfather. It had all these little pockets and hidden stuff. She told me to look all through it and she had a VERY personal picture of my stepfather’s junk! I was SO EMBARRASSED!

  • Yes I have. I lived at home with my 2 yr old when my husband was stationed overseas. My son opened their bedroom door and went in before I could catch him and I saw way more than I wanted when I went to get him back out.

  • I have NEVER walked in on my parents, due to the fact the door had a locked on it and did not want to venture into my parents bedroom (shudders)

  • Unfortunately, I HAVE. *shudder*. I was 19 years old and came home early from a disaster of a date to find them mid……FUN! I screamed “MY EYES OH MY GOD MY EYES, shut the f-ing door when you do that. ” My father kindly informed me that is was THEIR house and if they wanted they could walk around naked and do WHATEVER they hell they wanted to in their house. *sigh* Gotta love parents. ~ Carol W. [email protected]

  • I have and it scarred me for life. It was years and years ago as a teenager. Parents don’t do that anymore, right!!

  • Pat mackley

    I have never thank god.. but my boys have walked in on my husband and i…

  • I have, but we were in a camper at the time, and they thought I was asleep.

  • Kat Marriott

    Yes. Once when I was a child I got sick in the middle of the night, threw up all over myself and my bed. I quietly walked into my parents room and I thought they were wrestling or something. I didn’t see a lot of flesh – just my mom’s boobs. I know now what they were doing but at the time I really had no idea. Made for an interesting night all around I am sure! On a related note, our son nearly walked in on my husband and I a while back. He came in and asked if I was OK, he heard me being loud. My husband told him I stubbed my toe!

  • Yes & No- I heard them so I turned around at the door and walked away. I was married and knew what they were doing (ikkkk- just ewww but damn it gets worse). I waited about 30 mins and went back, my step-dad was gone by then, my Mom was getting ready so I crawled into their bed to talk to her while she was putting on her make-up and landed in the wet spot!! OMG ewwww seriously I could not look at either of them all weekend after that

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  • Johanna Jochum

    No, I never saw my parents. Thank goodness.They divorced when I was very young so I was sparred. Lol! My daughter did catch me and her dad. I still have nightmares. I’m hoping she’ll forget.

  • Odin Blair

    I have but was so young I had no idea what was going on, thought they were playing

  • I did, but I didn’t realize it until years later. I woke up in the night and needed my mom for some reason. I walked into my parents’ bedroom and my mom shoved my dad off her. I thought they were just cuddling, lol!

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