Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever – Round 1 Week 1

Never Have I Ever with Jessie G

The Question:

Never have I ever watched porn with someone else

Jessie’s Rules:

Remember, the story is what makes this game fun!
1 point is given for every “I have”
1 point is taken for every “I have never”
1 bonus point for an accompanying story

The Game:

Every Wednesday for the next 11 weeks, I’ll post a question and keep track of the points.
The person with the most + points at the end will win an $11 Amazon GC
The person with the most – points at the end will win a B&N GC for $5.50

41 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever – Round 1 Week 1

  • I have, with the hubs. Although its been a while…he and I aren’t interested in the same porn anymore. 😉

  • Deanna Weatherstein

    I watch it with the husband all the time, but like Denise my tastes have changed and we don’t really enjoy the same stuff anymore. I tend to watch more on my own on my own during my lunch break than I do with him. ?

  • Michelle Mason

    I have never ?

  • I have…same as some of the other ladies…with the hubby.

  • I have. I have watched with men I have dated in the past.

  • Parker Williams

    I have. It’s how I got to have sex with a ‘straight’ friend. 🙂

  • Heather Martin

    I have with my husband, when I was married.

  • I have with both my ex-b/f and my husband. My husband and I watched something recently because I wanted him to see some m/m porn. He was fascinated by what I found hot.

  • I have watched porn with past boyfriends. Although I doubt they would like my taste in porn now. LOL

  • Yes, I have with a ex boyfriend and many times with my now husband.

  • Here’s our story…We haven’t watched porn in ages probably since the kids were born but when we were younger we watched quite a bit. It was fun and spiced things up. We enjoyed the girl on girl the best. I used to buy him dvds for special occasions!

    Thanks….this game seems like it will be a blast to play!

  • With an ex I did, and we used to act it out if it looked fun, it’s how I experienced my first 69 lol. I was completely inexperienced when we got together. We had a lot of fun. I don’t watch het porn anymore though. ?

  • I totally watched porn with my mom one time and I have no idea why. It was this really bad amateur stuff and we laughed and laughed.

  • I went to see porn for the first time in the early 80’s (pre-VCR) in an old theater. It was summer and I was wearing a bra less top. Movie started with woman masturbating, and I started laughing hysterically, because the bed had Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo sheets. Then a drip from an AC vent fell on my chest. Being in the dark, I had no clue what this wet stuff on my chest was from (Ick!), grabbed boyfriend and ran! This was the last porn, until I saw Dirk Caber…

  • I’m loving these responses! I can’t wait to see how you respond to the rest of the questions 🙂

  • Kat Marriott

    Yep! All the time. With the hubs and “friends”.

  • I have never.

  • Robin Knoll

    OK, honesty? I have watched porn with ex boyfriends, ex husband, ex girlfriends, with two gay men (friends), with a straight couple I had a threesome with…I’m sure there’s more, but I think you get the point. In my defense I will say this was years ago. But, if I am to be honest, I will still pull up some lesbian porn for my own personal play time….I am single and allowed…lmao. I am scared of future questions…. 🙁

  • Denise Dechene

    I have..with friends and with the hubby. When we were in high school (17 yrs old) my best friend and boyfriend told me they had a surprise for me. They blindfolded me and took me to the X rated drive in next town over. (they used to have those 30 yrs ago). I was so mad at them at the time.

  • I have never

  • I have with my husband before and after we were married. I also remember watching one with a group of friends when I was a young teen, but I got bored of it after a few minutes back then.

  • Brynn stein

    I have. With hubby. Back when I was married. It was our anniversary and we practiced anything that looked fun. ?

  • Pat mackley

    I have with the husband.
    But i like m/m porn better now…

  • I have with my ex-husband and “others”

  • I have, with friends and with my husband quite often… My husband and I watch it sometimes together, but if we watch what i want, he doesn’t watch with me bc it doesn’t interest him, he just likes the benefits, he just helps me be hands free while watching.. LOL.. never bothers me when he watches it on his own, but drives him crazy when I watch it on my own bc that means he didn’t get to partake in any fun times afterwards.. or during..

  • I have. When I was a teenager, a group of us played an RPG and I was the only girl. On this particular night, I was hanging out with the game master and flirting madly. The others all trickled out until it was just me and him and that’s what we watched. His Mom almost caught us, too!

  • Yep I have! Don’t think I’m creepy but the first time was with my brother. I was maybe 15 years old and he was 14 and we didn’t know that porn came also and cartoons or anime. So imagine our surprise! The only thing I could say to him was, and that’s another thing you can do with your penis *shrug*!? The second time was with a large group of friends which we were supposed to watch an action flick and imagine what kind of action we end up with !! We end up eating tons of food and criticizing positions !! LOL! Best. Night. Ever!

  • I have watched porn with a now ex-boyfriend and ny husband. In my younger years, I watched some with a friend and a guy she would later have sex with that night.

  • I have…watched het porn with my first BF in high school before we actually had sex for the first time (not like right before, but we hadn’t had sex yet in our relationship). I think he was hoping it might inspire me to finally do the deed, but it had the opposite effect. No straight porn for this girl…Eeewwww, not a fan. And then I found CB’s and gay porn…many, many, many years later.

  • Kara Guido

    I just recently started watching gay porn (I am in my 40’s) – and I have never watched it with anyone. I really don’t think I want to. I like to watch it by myself.

  • I have, with my husband. Funniest porn story is about our teenage son and his friends. They stole some porn from a friends father and hid it at our house. We watched it, (without the kids) then we made the kids call the father to confess and apologize for stealing it. Totally hilarious how embarased they were.

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  • NO, like watching it alone more fun that way to me.

  • Odin Blair

    I have….with a group….we did it because it was such bad porn we laughed through most of it

  • I have, with my horny hubby; before that I did with friends (we were drunk); and before that with a stoned aunt!

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