Past Hurts (2nd Edition)

Past Hurts by Jessie G

Past Hurts is the first suspenseful novel in the Sizzling Miami Series. Originally published in 2014, Past Hurts has been rewritten and expanded, adding more than twenty thousand words to the overall story. If you love mystery and second chance romance, then you’ll love this newly expanded version by Jessie G.


A terrible secret nearly destroyed their lives. Will a murderous crime give desire a second chance?

Detective Davin Monroe is deeply scarred from his homophobic father and cruel upbringing. And he ruined his one shot at happiness when he pushed away the only man to capture his heart. But his painful memories resurface when a serial killer’s latest victim is the brother of his former lover.

Wealthy heir Alaric Bennett would give it all up for one more night with his soul mate. Burdened by a mountain of responsibility, he’s resigned himself to trudging through life alone. So when his old flame shows up on his doorstep with chilling news, Alaric vows to seize the opportunity to do whatever it takes to hold him forever.

With the past eating away at him, Davin is determined to keep the sexy millionaire at arm’s length. And Alaric fears that if the tortured cop refuses to confront his demons, this murder case could be the death of their passion.

Will a tragic history shatter their future, or can the destined couple find their way back to a loving embrace?

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What Readers Are Saying

This story is very powerful with big characters, exciting action, drama, crime and best of all a great love story! Police Detective Davin Monroe is working on the case of a serial killer when one of the victims turns out to be a man he knows very well. The victim is the brother of his once lover, Alaric Bennett. They had been separated in a violent and ugly way eight years earlier but seeing each other again it is obvious to both of them that their feelings haven’t changed. But the hidden scandals of the past will have to be exposed for them to be together. A truly remarkable story. I have read it many times and it always seems fresh. – 5 stars from nowyat on Amazon

True crime meets M/M romance. Davin Monroe and Alaric Bennett are an openly gay couple in college. Davin is gang raped. Through some misunderstandings they are separated for 8 years. Davin is now a cop and has to deliver bad news to Alaric Bennett’s family bringing them together once again. There is so much pain jammed packed into this story with rape, murder, drug cartels; and then yes hot sex, and a romantic love story. I found it very refreshing. The way the writer used small amounts of flashbacks was perfect. Definitely a page turner, I didn’t want to put it down. This was my first book by Jessie G. I’m looking forward to book 2. – 5 stars from Debbora6 on Amazon

The first story in the Sizzling Miami Series this book was magnificently well written and refreshingly gripping. The story centers around detective Davin Monroe. The relationship between him and Alaric Bennett seem to be the catalyst for the disasters that are going on around them years after their lives were destroyed. This story was fast paced with a terrific murder mystery running through it. The characters were well developed the story was top notch with its many twists and turns and multi layered plots. This was one of the books that you just can’t put down. The relationship between Davin and Alaric was smart, sexy and unique. The way they handled themselves was amazing and refreshing to read. I enjoyed everything about this story, from the crime drama to the character interaction. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!! – 5 stars from Sue Allen on Amazon